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我希望畢業後向商業發展,透過發展個人業務,將所學的知識融入我們的生活。 目前我仍在University of Notre Dame繼續我的學業,通過學習優秀的商業管理課程,加強了解商業的知識。 回顧我創業的旅程其實是在十年前,那時我才十歲,我於2006年升級我的網站作為付費業務,開始和倫敦及澳洲的設計師合作,創造一些設計給博客和小型公司,不單止是因為賺錢,最重要是我享受到管理團隊的作用和使我的概念得到實現。 所以,我加入跨博會,成為其中的一員,將我所學的更好地貢獻給社會。

I am currently studying in the University of Notre Dame in the U.S. My journey toward s entrepreneurship actually began a decade ago when I was ten. In 2006 I upgraded my website to a fee-paying business and began collaborating with designers in London an Australia to create custom designs for bloggers and some small business owners. Even more than making money, I enjoyed managing my team, marketing my business and seeing my ideas come to life. Wanting to learn more about business, I decided to attend Notre Dame for its strong undergraduate business program.
I envision working in the financial industry after graduation, and possibly starting my own business someday. Practice makes perfect. I hope my knowledge on business can be applied on real life, so I decided to take up the post in the World Second Generation Achievement Society. Being a team member, I would like to share what I have learnt and contribute my effort to the Society.

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